Seeing your toddler blooming into a kid, looking forward to endless adventures and time spent while high on his own energy. The first thing most parents opt for is a bike. And rightfully so, but the pressure of choice and the fear for their safety that comes with it is a difficult battle. 

For these cycling adventures, we are here to help you in deciding on the right place to buy your kids their true companion. But the biggest questions that remain are, is it okay to buy online? Is buying from a shop better than buying a bike online? 


Online stores vs local stores


In buying a product, the first and foremost challenge is that of trust. Most people believe that buying from a shop in person is a better option though, in the past couple of years the online market has won over the public and even put our day-to-day shops in constraints.


        Accessibility of information


One of the main reasons is the availability of information. The amount of information you have on a place testifies to its credibility. You learn to trust the product and the number of times you have visited the shop is not what counts. Through online shopping, not only do you have all the information you may need on the sellers and you also have a clear understanding of their policies. 


        Customer service


The benefit of buying from a shop is mainly the customer service, which does help in putting your worries to ease on the spot, then and there. All your questions are answered by the credible personnel present. You get to see and test the material of the bike, and your kid is also allowed to get comfortable with the bike of his choice.


        Time consumption 


When searching for a place to buy a bike, another issue that arises is the variety. Most local stores only have bikes for the ages that they are frequented by. And some do not have any accessories for the bike, such as grips, gloves, helmets, etc. All of this `looking` and searching takes up a fair amount of your time. 


All this thinking directs in the direction of the online market that prevails in nearly all sectors of questions. The online brands not only provide you with a wide variety of bikes but with its accessories. You can work around their credibility with reviews available on their products.

The brand also provides varieties solely meant for kids around the age of 5 to 14. You get bikes with a height specific to the age group. And most of all, all the information you need on the bike is more or less given on their sites. 


If you`re looking to buy online, then the best site as per web-based statistics and our recommendation is Guardian bikes.


Best Options to Choose From

Balance bike


Meant for age group 1.5 to 4 years, this balance bike comes in three beautiful colors ranging from, blue neon green, mint purple and grey electric lime. With all the matching accessories available, this product has a 3-minute set up and a simple and strong brake system. With adjustable seat that grows with your child, this is the perfect friend for your little one.

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16-inch bike


For the age group of 4 to 6 years, and a total of 5 fun combination colors to choose from, this sweet ride has hybrid tires, suitable for roads and rail riding. A single lever hand brake this wonderful bike comes with a tool kit and 4 reflector lights.

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20-inch small bike


For the age group of 5 to 8 years this bike comes in a raging red black color and in addition three more cool color combos. Showcasing the kid specific geometry, the ride ha light weight steel frame and 1-speed with a single lever hand brake. A smooth, small frame ride that has training wheels compatibility to help your kid grow.

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24-inch bike


Comes in purple aqua shade, this beauty for the age group of 7 to 11 years has additional 4 more colors. With a 7-speed kids-friendly gear shifter, hybrid tires and a strong single lever hand brake system ensures a safe ride for your tiny biker.

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A leap of faith is needed everywhere, whether you decide to shop online or buy from your local store, there will be many varying hurdles. If you decide to buy from the local store there will definitely be several things to look forward to as well.