Silk fabric products are unique and have premium quality. They are luxurious because of their natural glint, shine, and durability, thus being demanded worldwide. USA`s LilySilk brand is one of the brands dedicated to the conscious and mindful production of home linen, bedsheets, apparel, and accessories, besides keeping the quality at its` finest. 


If you`re looking for peculiarly fine home and fashion goods, search no further. Apart from bedding, fashion, and accessories, the zero waste approach toward premium product development and production sets the brand apart. Beating the norms of fast fashion, their products are super classic. Let`s dive in to take a closer look at what LilySilk offers.


LilySilk Apparel


It is a trusted, loved, and endorsed brand bringing you quality, unique and characteristic pieces. Thus, their apparel has been making rounds among the celebs and the masses. Step into LilySilk classics to make a statement. Pick your favorite items from silk shirts for work, nightwear, sassy silk skirts, cashmere hoodies, or fall top finds. 


Winter Picks


Ribbed Pure Cashmere Hoodie


Cozy up in winter in this plush hoodie made with a closely knit structure in a regular fit. It is constructed with soft cashmere fibers and is light on the body and skin for normal use. Available separately and with pants as well, in multiple colors.


Tarra Stripe Sweater


This striped sweater is designed in a contrasting color scheme making it a head turner. Soft and cozy describes the feel best. Made of merino wool, sure to keep warm in a moderately loose fit with a turtle neck. This sweater is a hit combination for this winter season.


Fall Picks


Slay in jumpsuits, trench dresses, skirts, coats, and shirts, as every piece can be coordinated or styled up or down on its own. Comes in different shades and multiple sizes along with size customization. 


Sand Washed Silk Trench Dress


This trench dress is curated with the best quality, wrinkle proof, sand washed Charmeuse Silk with a suede feel. It serves multipurpose, like a dress and trench coat as well. Styled with front pockets and a belt, the light drapes perfectly fall, complement your silhouette, and can be styled up and down.


Safari Jumpsuit


This safari style military jumpsuit is perfectly comfortable to wear with an elastic waistband and flexible cuff style. Its smooth silk fabric with a suede finish makes it perfect for travel, work, and casual meetings. 




Lily Aurea Series


It is one of the products manufactured with premium quality silk sourced from unusual wild silkworms from Cambodia, Japan, and China. From bed linen, pillowcases, travel pillowcases, and bedsheets to duvet covers, the product series is entirely golden because it is made of naturally golden silkworm cocoons producing golden silk threads found in mulberry trees.


LilyAurea 19 Mommeseamless Silk Sheets Set


Waking up in a silky smooth bed isn`t a fantasy anymore. LilySilk`s exclusive series of Lily Aurea`s gold seamless sheets are so smooth and take comfort to the next level. However, besides convenience, they`re special because of the least to zero chemical and dye usage. Manufactured in its rare natural gold color sourced from 100 percent grade 6A mulberry silk, it is easy to use, skin friendly, anti bacterial, temperature adjusting, and certified to be chemical free.  


The material is breathable and thus can be used in households with kids and cats. However, it needs minimum care to last year after year. Ideally, dry clean but can be washed by hand and machine as well, in lukewarm water not over 30 C. Avoid using bleach, and in case of tumble drying, opt for a minimum gentle spin time. Keep out of direct sunlight, pets, and sharp object if hanging and drying.


19 Momme Seamless Silk Duvet Set


The silk duvet set is manufactured with 100 percent grade 6A mulberry silk, making it easy and breezy to use. It is made of mulberry silk, OKEO TEX certified, being free of harsh elements. Made from a direct cut single fabric, it is seamless and has a longer life length. 


Dynamic in its nature, it works well in contrasting summer and winter weather. Its` material is breathable and friendly to the skin and great for homes with kids as well. Available in various colors from black, rose, gold, white, and others. A little care goes a long way to enjoy the luxury of this duvet just as good as new. Dry cleaning is the ideal option. However, it can be gently washed by hand and in a machine in lukewarm water. Don`t tumble dry use bleach and direct sun exposure. 


Get exclusive LilySilk style pieces to uplift your wardrobe, accessories, and home, and you can avail a great discount on your order on account of the pre black Friday sale. Pick winter season must haves or buy fall picks at a great price, along with a hassle free return and delivery service.