Along with the upcoming winter season, a whole new wind of aspiring beliefs, new favorites, and a desire to spice our fashion sense has blown across the plane. Contemplating ways of moving from your plain hoodies, and environmentally centered tote bags. Unsure of what to do with the wall in your bedroom covered in postcards and posters from a long time ago?

With so many choices looming overhead, this ought to be a difficult choice. And we`ve got you covered with the best trendy ideas as per your aesthetics to make your choice easier!

The 4 Main Aesthetics

Gothic, grunge endeavors


Aiming for the dark sinister look here are a number of changes you can bring to your wardrobe. With loose jeans, lace-up boots, a plain tank top (large or small), and a check-patterned shirt you can really learn to rock the look. Ripped jeans and a number of overgrown shirts will help too.

You can get yourself a gothic mask and do smoky eye makeup to pull it off really well. In the upcoming winters get yourself a big dark hoodie and do nothing else! You`ll still be able to uphold the ideal.


Chunky stone studded jewelry, lockets with skulls, and a set of big rings are a must-have. Spiked necklaces and belt bracelets are additional must-haves.

Light and dark Academia edition


A fashion sense influenced by learning and mainly revolving around cozy comfortable clothing. Best suited for libraries and nooks crammed with books. To accentuate this look you can go for beige turtle-neck shirts tucked into straight checkered skirts or half tucked into brown or creamy white pants.

A checkered overcoat would do wonders for your look. For shoes, you can get plain white sneakers or dark boots. For winters, a creamy sweatshirt with fawn-colored pants would look fantastic.


A satchel, delicate silver or bronze rings, a light necklace with a ring hung in the middle, a hand-held compass, a classic leather watch, and a black cat if possible. A phone case with an academia aesthetic back cover.

Street-wear vibe-check


A soda shot of colors, street fashion, and the prevalent K-pop culture, this trend is all the rage today. There is no literal color pallet defined for this aesthetic but it`s about pulling together whatever color you feel like pulling. A baggy pun-based sweatshirt on top of tech-wear pants, with high-top shoes. A denim jacket, half-sleeved printed shirt, and DIY hoodies would do a lot for your street-wear wardrobe but keep in mind that this also relies a lot on merch fashion so you can go for any anime or sports merch you like and still pull it off.


Plain or tinted sunglasses, a merch-centric baseball cap, a customized tote bag as well as a sling bag, customized masks, smart-watches, and a notebook forever in your backpack.

Benign Cottage Core


The beauty of mediocrity, based on serene rural life ideals, this trend mainly reflects dainty florals, sunsets, and breezing dresses. Deep pastel cardigans, floral dresses, or creamy overalls with a pastel top and European boots are all you need. A bright shirt with puffed sleeves, black pumps, and green plain pants would be good additions.


Adorable tote bags, weaved hats, ribbon for hair, delicate earrings and rings, soft pink makeup, and tiaras to enhance the look.

A list of ideas for personalizing your additional accessories

There are so many things that you can do for your bags, phones, and for all that comes in daily use with the loads of options you get on teepublic to reflect your own aesthetics. Starting with

       Decorating a dedicated wall or corner is the perfect way to go about. You can arrange posters and tapestries ranging from your favorite anime to your favorite meme and your favorite sports.


       You can get wall art of your liking and dedicate the walls to the art. Get a customized phone cover and laptop covers. Not only will they breathe life into your space but will also become means to supporting a new artist.


       You can use stickers for your laptops, phones, fridge, and even on your clothes and bags and make them look more fun.


       You can get yourself pins and mugs to showcase your support and respect towards any social cause and actually make a difference.


Conclusively speaking, in this era where you can mold anything and everything and provide your ideas with a physical form. Evolving your fashion sense, re-styling your living space, and staying in tune with the rapidly progressing world is quite a challenge. But with teepublic helping you navigating through this sea of art and fashion makes it all worth a shot.