Fashion fades, but style stays. Women love dressing up. However, searching for figure flattering classic pieces, whether a statement or a basic outfit, is always a task. The task sometimes becomes a tad bit tough, especially regarding plus sizes. More so when finding the perfect winter wear, which is a bigger challenge, as loose fitted clothes are likely to make plus size women have fewer choices in terms of styles.  


All plus size women, let`s ditch those boring, ill fitted outfits as here are some essential tips to keep it stylish in cold weather. Follow to refresh your winter looks. BloomChic is a plus size fashion brand for women which showcases versatile collections all year round. Get fabulous finds, from cardigans, sweatshirts, and hoodies to knit tops. From belts, dresses, coats, and leggings to pants for the fall/winter season without damaging your wallet. 


Color Palette:


Cold weather brings a darker color palette which is a great win for everyone but especially for plus size. An array of multi colored dark shades are likely to flatter your curves while holding the look together. 


  • Always play around with colors, but with a bit of sensibility. Opt for coats, cardigans, and knit dresses in dark tones and accentuate with a vibrant pop of either a contrasting accessory or a co ord. Beautiful shade of burgundy, brown, moss green, black, grey, indigo, and deep blue can always opt for outerwear like coats and jackets. However, combining them with shades like burnt orange, fiery red, rose violet, dusty magenta, lime greens, and chrome yellow shades lifts any outfit. 


  • No matter what you observe, it`s always best to search for colors and trends according to the weather before you shop. This gives a clear idea of what you should buy and how you can style it with multiple pieces. 


High Waisted Lowers:


  • If you`re a person who is comfortable flaunting your curves while wearing pants, or jeggings, then invest in high waist articles. They also add up the length of your legs and lower body, making it appear slimmer and slender.


  • High rise skirts look sassy while hiding the unpleasant flab if paired up with and pulled off correctly.


  • If you prefer a mid length or a long skirt, pick a printed and patterned shirt to add interest to the outfit. Tucked in shirts or high neck tops are comfortable and give off an edgy look to the outfit.  


  • Pleated skirt texture adequately covers the tummy area and moves the optical focus away from the bulging mid body. 


Color Blocking:


  • If you`re opting for dresses and cardigans, choose items with vertical color blocking, horizontal color blocking, or light colors. Look for ombre stripes and patterns. Such styles create eye movement and shift the focus from the bulges. 


  • Monochromes might flatter your curves, but visually they create a very bland look. If you plan to go monochromatic, then be sure to choose the right accessories.



  • One of the best friends all plus size women should have is a belt. Especially the one worn over a dress at the waist. It`s always better to own a couple of belts in basic or vibrant colors. 


  • Belts have the power not just to make you appear slimmer but are also great to jazz up an outfit.


  • Throw a basic belt over a button down shirt or a knit dress. This is an investment that can benefit you significantly all year round.  




  • Jackets become life saviors whether they`re made of denim, PVC leather, faux leather, or faux fur. They`re great at figure flattering but also can hide and hug your body bulges, making you appear tapered. 


  • It is essential to choose the right fit, length, color and cut to complement your silhouette. Choosing a vibrant color can grab the attention towards itself but ensure it coordinates well with the entire outfit. 




  • Coats are versatile in terms of styles, colors, lengths, and materials. Many styles are available, from teddy coats and trench coats to double breasted and lapelled coats. 


  • Choose deeper and darker shades instead of lighter colors or neutrals as light colors exaggerate your width. 


  • Shades like deep red, maroon, brown, deep greens, and blues add depth and character.


  • Lapelled or double breasted style in long length is an exaggerated style hiding the bust area underneath a very classic style. 


  • Ensure to have a slight shape and flair at the waist and the hem. Besides covering and comforting in the cold weather, this style also tapers the silhouette.