As the saying goes `Everything that shine isn`t gold`, royal family of United Kingdom has more or less similar identity.

Beautiful faces and exotic life styles, hide a dire reality of gruesome truths that nobody wants to speak about for the sake of Royal prestige.

United Kingdom stands as a strong adherent of conventions, respecting royalties is one of them. However, duke of Sussex, Prince Henry Charles speak up of some unknown realities and hidden secrets of his family from past several ages.

His book SPARE, is memoir of the life he has lived after the demise of his mother Princes Diana. It`s drafted with unflinching honesty, full of insights, self-examinations and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love outcompeting grief.

The book opens up with the idea that harry the second born to the throne of United Kingdom was nothing more than just the Spare. As prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was the first born and the heir to throne. This is the claim, Harry writes allegedly made, by his father the KING CHARLES.

Charles` remark was probably a joke. However, Harry`s parents and grandparents frequently used language to describe him that made it clear that he was the backup.

Harry was able to clearly define his role from an early age. He was aware that, in the event of an aircraft crash, his father and brother, who were first and second in line for the throne, could never travel together. But Harry was exempt from these laws. The Spare might, well, be spared.

Consider his relationship with his father, for instance. In addition to being Harry`s father, Charles serves as both his employer and bank. Or, at least, he was up to Harry`s departure from the royal family. It`s not your traditional father-son connection, that`s the purpose. It is true that they shared some typical, lovely moments between father and son, as he grew up.

When Harry was a child, he recalls happy recollections of his father giving him solace. When it was time for bed, Charles would sit next to him and softly tickle his face until he dozed off because he used to be scared of the dark. He also constantly referred to Harry as his ``darling boy. `

Harry, though, remembers his father as generally being a distant parent who found it challenging to communicate. Instead of speaking to Harry directly, Charles preferred to express his pride in him through notes that were placed on Harry`s pillow.

Additionally, Charles wasn`t a big hugger. He appears to have inherited the trait from his mother, Queen Elizabeth. She once allegedly veered away from Diana`s hug, making for a very unpleasant situation for both of them.

But Harry`s childhood problems were far from limited to a lack of physical affection. Every attempt he made to live a regular life was hindered in some manner by his royal rank.

He had armed security down the hall at school. They were also waiting for him when he was a teenager outside the bar.

When security must accompany you everywhere, it might be difficult to lead a life that even somewhat resembles normality. Although Harry did previously use the tube on a school trip, using public transportation is not an option.

Harry was able to experience independence on occasion as an adult. He would, for instance, go to the grocery store by himself.

However, every excursion was organized like a military operation. To mislead the reporters, he would go in disguise—a loose coat and a low baseball cap—and at various times of the day. So that he could enter and exit the store as swiftly as possible, he even learned its layout.

Harry has consistently struggled with concerns of independence and privacy, which has led to tension and annoyance. But of course, nothing has had the same effect on him as those August 1997 events that happened that evening.

Astonishing revelations

William was allegedly `physically attacked` by Harry

Excerpts from the biography that described a physical altercation between William and Harry at Nottingham Cottage in 2019 were published on Wednesday by `The Guardian.` Harry claims that under the guise of attempting to be helpful, William called Meghan `difficult,` `rude,` and `abrasive,` which sparked the argument. However, things only got worse.

`He dropped the water, called me a different name, and then charged me. Everything happened so quickly, Harry writes. `So quickly. My jewellery was torn off as he grabbed me by the collar and threw me to the ground. When I landed on the dog`s bowl, my back was sliced by the fragments as they shattered. I lay there for a bit, confused, then stood up and informed him.` 

Meghan said `baby brain` to Kate

Catherine allegedly got furious during a conversation about Harry and Meghan`s wedding rehearsal and the flower girl outfits, which is when the animosity between Meghan and Catherine allegedly started. A person who spoke to the Daily Mail claimed that Meghan claimed Kate must have `baby brain` due to her hormones. The fact that Meghan was told she wasn`t close enough to her sister-in-law to discuss her hormones and that it wasn`t how people spoke to one another in the royal family sparked a tremendous uproar.

Camila could be a wicked stepmother

Both, William and harry, initially opposed the wedding of Charles and Camila. But Harry has always feared about the wickedness Catherine would show as step mother. Despite that, both boys promised their father to welcome Camila to the family. The only promise they demanded was that Charles doesn`t need to marry her. However, in 2005 Charles married his love and both the boys wished him well as they were happy that their father is finally going to be with his love.

The book boldly talks about one goes through being a royal yet a Spare. It`s a must read for anyone who wishes to be a royal prince or princes because nothing come easy. To get hands on your copy of Spare head over to QBD online book store. Enjoy your leisure hours exploring untold stories of the royals.