We all have our own identities, defined by our choices, lifestyle, and personal sense of style. We often pick, choose, and use things we like according to our taste and sense of style. In a world where personal style is so important, it can be reflected by how we dress and carry ourselves. However, personal style requires a whole bunch of essentials and accessories. It is incomplete without a fragrance.

Fragrances can depict a lot about our personalities. They can elevate your mood, create associations and make lifetime memories, and what`s better if you love to smell great with all these associations? For people who love trying fragrances, it`s always a win-win situation. Sephora offers you great picks. Floral, fruity, musky, woody, you name it, there`s a wide range of exquisite scents to select from.

Sephora always has a wide variety of best-selling products from top-of-the-line brands, and it houses a great collection of fragrances. Check the below-mentioned perfumes; you wouldn`t want to miss them.


This unique fragrance by Chanel at Sephora has all the right reasons to be loved. Created with a floral Amber fragrance, you can sense those citrusy oranges, Turkish rose, and Patchouli keynotes, perfectly giving off all the freshness to the scent, which is great for day wear. What`s great is that it comes in different sizes ranging from 1.2 OZ/35ml to 3.4 OZ/100 ml EAU DE PARFUM bottles, and you can avail of free shipping with code "FREESHIP" at checkout.


Chanel perfumes are an epitome of luxury, instilling the grandeur and highest sense of self. And who wouldn`t want to embrace all that feels great, flamboyant, yet feminine at the same time? This fragrance is surely created with essence to welcome the individuality of free-spirited women. This floral scent is accentuated with Jasmine notes and Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, and Grasse Tuberose in a bold square glass bottle. Applied as a classic daytime fragrance is stocked at Sephora for online or in-store purchase.

MISS DIOR (Eau De Parfum)

If you`re a lady who`s big on flowers, this quintessential floral fragrance from Dior is just for you. It`s got a fragrance, a warm mix of several different flowers, with a hint of soft musk. This amalgam of flowers, a rich feel of Grasse rose hits off different being accentuated by the dry, dusty iris, with a bit of piquant peony, and lily of the valley notes in a vibrant pink square bold bottle depicting a luxury for the oh-so picky fragrance connoisseurs. Available in a range of sizes from 1OZ/ 30 ml to 1.7 OZ/ 50 ml to 3.4 OZ/100 ml at Sephora with the same delivery option.

Viktor & Rolf (Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid) Eau De Parfum

This finely deluxe blend of ruby orchid and red vanilla bean has garden-fresh accents of peach, vanilla, and floral notes. Its scent by the idea “life is a stage” evokes the ultimate sense of self-expression and the highest sense of self notes within you. It has a warm floral fragrance, making it perfect for the bold and charismatic women of today`s world. While you can obsess over the fragrance, it comes in as an aesthetically packaged bottle, shaped like a diamond-style pink grenade in various sizes and spray. Varying from 1 OZ/30 ml to 3.4 OZ/ ml, Eau de Parfum is something not to be missed.


Who doesn`t want to own an iconic Valentino fragrance, hitting off all fashionista vibes? This warm floral scent amalgam of exotic Blackcurrant, Bourbon Vanilla, and Jasmine grandiflorum keynotes is an inspiration of chic haute couture style and classic Roman Street panache. Stored in a deluxe glass bottle with a studded facade is a classic example of a typical Valentino fragrance inspired by Roman architecture. Moreover, the fragrance is an elusive combination of black currant and jasmine flowers with amusing woodland and vanilla contrast, making it a contemporary and eccentric floral fragrance. Available in size 1.7 OZ/ 50 ml and 3.4 OZ/ 100ml parfum spray. It also comes in travel size as well.

Get your favorite perfumes from Sephora through stores or online. Get them shipped the same day, or you can go for the standard delivery process. Enjoy free shipping on your order through standard delivery with the code “FREESHIP.”