Being a mother requires a lot of labor. To put it mildly, this phase of life can be hectic after more than nine months of getting ready for the baby, the actual work, and the post-birth recuperation. Your body experiences numerous physical changes as a new parent in addition to the emotional highs and lows. All bodies are lovely, of course, but after having a kid, some individuals find restoring confidence in their bodies difficult. Although it`s not a panacea, postpartum shape wear can accomplish the following two goals: It facilitates healing and makes new mothers feel and look their best.

Many maternity manufacturers are taking note of the major fashion moment shape wear is enjoying. Many alternatives are available to new mothers, from belly wraps to super-supportive undergarments and leggings that offer light compression.


Postpartum Shapewear Advantages


Since those hideous, beige undergarments women stashed at the back of their drawers, shape wear has evolved significantly. It`s difficult to distinguish between undergarments and outerwear, so you may get stylish shape wear that you can wear with your regular clothes (think compression leggings and smoothing tank tops). Contrary to popular belief, shape wear that promises to assist women in "bouncing back" to their pre-pregnancy size is a joke. Uncomfortable and excessively restrictive shape wear is best avoided by new parents, especially if it is advertised as a waist trainer or weight-loss wrap. There`s no magic bullet; a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise will help your body heal over time. You grew an entire human. That`s no easy task! Your body will unavoidably change, and it`s acceptable to experience difficulties. With that said, shapewear can benefit new mothers in a few ways. Here are some justifications for thinking about postpartum shapewear:


  • When worn under clothing, stretchy shapewear smooths and holds everything in place while hugging your post-pregnancy contours.
  • Certain clothes, such as recovery wraps and belly bands, are made to support the muscles in the abdomen after giving birth—the medical director of Be. Women`s Health and Wellness in Frisco, Texas, and ob-gyn Heather Bartos, MD, say that shapewear supports and shapes the abdominal muscles during daily activities that call for core strength (e.g., sitting up or standing for extended periods).
  • Shapewear for new mothers can help with posture and lower back pain. According to Pyanov, pregnant women may have weaker abdominal muscles, and after giving birth, people often overcompensate by activating their back muscles. Pain in the lower back may arise from this. In the postpartum period, compression tanks and binders provide a sense of security and work as a reminder to contract the abdominal muscles and adopt better posture.
  • Light compression provided by postpartum shapewear helps reduce discomfort and swelling, especially in the area surrounding a C-section incision.


Style Tips For Your Postpartum Figure


Choosing clothing that highlights your best features and soothes your abdominal area is the key to styling your postpartum figure. This usually translates into tops that fit looser and pants that rise higher and have mild compression to feel well-supported. For many individuals, shape wear is an excellent transitional piece throughout the postpartum phase. Many alternatives for flowing blouses, button-downs, and knits are ideal for dressing your postpartum figure. Look for fantastic solutions to make you feel and look amazing in your clothes. These tops go well with postpartum bodies and Democracy denim, including bootcut, straight legs, highrise jeans (see our blog post on what mom jeans are), and skinny jeans. 

Shopping for postpartum clothing can be fun if you know what to look for. We advise using flexible, supple materials that adjust to your changing body type. To help you feel supported, we suggest trying some shapewear for dresses (for more information, visit our blog post on what shapewear is). Since the denim has the Absolution design incorporated for comfort and tummy control, Democracy Clothing is the ideal place to buy postpartum garments.  Since your physique will differ from a few months ago, shopping can be intimidating. Here are some more suggestions to make the postpartum clothing buying experience enjoyable and stress-free:


  • A size bigger as necessary if you feel uncomfortable. 
  • Seek choices with a high waist that offer mild compression, such as a postpartum wrap.
  • Test out some outstanding pattern ideas.

Above all, remember to enjoy yourself when you style your body while it recovers from giving birth to a baby. With seraphine, you may confidently choose and wear postpartum clothing that makes you feel and look beautiful. You deserve to feel beautiful in your skin!